OBject-, textile-, installation- art and ceramics


Sculpture Network's International Forum on Sculpture and Sustainability i in Málaga invites me to present my golden butterfly projecton 7.10.

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1- Mönchengladbach, City Church, You can't lock up Butterflies (July)

2- Liedberg in the Butterfly and Art Frenzy (May)


Since 2012 I have been working more and more in the field of object, textile, ceramic and large-scale installation art.

The question of what contribution my artistic work can make to environmental issues has moved me more and more since 2015.

First I invited to installations with aluminum coffee capsules. With the conviction that joint action is necessary, since 2021 I have built several large-format walk-in "rescue nests of Noah's Ark of the 21st century" with wool, rescue blankets and wire. In 2023, I involved 300 people worldwide for the first time in the event "Liedberg in the Butterfly and Art Frenzy".

The Mönchengladbach City Church dedicated a solo exhibition to me, "You Can't Lock Up Butterflies," in which the rescue nest for my extensive butterfly objects was even set up on the altar.

Gabriela Drees-Holz
Wall of life, 2020
Encapsulated world 2021


July, Short Report on my Solo Show in Mönchengladbach

“You can’t cage butterflies. Golden butterfly rescue nest of Noah’s Ark of the 21st century ”

This butterfly exhibition was during the 3 weeks very popular. The heart was also the golden rescue nest with the 2000 participatory crocheted butterflies, which could be set up in the middle of the altar with a heavy meaning. The accompanying exhibition consisted primarily of textile art, and its content was entirely related to the environmental theme associated with butterflies:

* XXL butterfly- and flower floor installation

* “NO MORE CO2” snake installation of 4 spatial objects

* installation of 7 butterfly cages

* sequence of wall objects: Mexico greets the world

* children’s shoe parkour of the Liedberg primary school children

May, Short Report on the Event in Liedberg

Video short version

Video long version

Liedberg in a Butterfly and Art Frenzy,

Golden Butterfly Rescue Nest of Noah’s Ark of the 21st Century,

Participatory Crocheted Flower and Butterfly Worlds

was extremely successful in several respects:

*  the call for participation was very well received: about 300 people participated, from kindergarten, primary school and high school children to adults up to the age of 85, from various professions and social classes, mainly from the Lower Rhine region, but also from all over Germany and the world.
* 2000 (!!!) butterflies were crocheted by 72 people worldwide.
* it attracted about 500 visitors
* NABU (Nature Protection Federation) offered information on their activities
* the accompanying local and international art exhibition by 14 artists was also very popular.
* it was very well accompanied and supported by the local press
* local politicians also participated with interest

Background Information – Object entitled “Encapsulated Universe”

The German artist Gabriela Drees-Holz shows an impressive large-format object entitled “Encapsulated Universe” on the environmental theme.

With this aluminum coffee capsule object – as with all her fantastic capsule objects – the artist develops an imaginative and life-affirming alternative use of the capsules, which brings light and shine to any room and puts a smile on the viewer’s face.

The work of art immediately fascinates with its intensely shiny metallic colors and its upwardly curved forms. On closer inspection, what appears to be a stone mosaic on the outside turns out to be a colorful and lively mosaic of countless aluminum coffee capsules folded into blossoms. The inside of the “U” is reminiscent of a silver nest, formed from the used silver bases of the capsules and isolated capsule bands. It is the base, from the center of which five long flower stalks decorated with capsule flowers grow in all directions beyond the “U”. This open arch also hints at the seemingly endless uses of these beautiful capsules. The capsule-tipped arrows grow like flowers in all directions, transporting their colorful imaginative cargo even into the universe. The entire object has a certain fragility, based on the sensitive environmental issue of aluminum production.

The artist loves to work with a variety of materials, techniques and themes, experimenting with new ideas and developing her own techniques.

She has been working with aluminum coffee capsules for 6 years. Drees-Holz emphasizes that she is fascinated by the material, the metallic colors and the different capsule shapes, their easy workability and great durability.

Gabriela Drees-Holz lovingly creates her convincing, imaginative and cheerful works of art with impressive skill, perseverance and patience.

Note on the materials used: The artist has intensively tested the additional materials used for quality and durability. According to the product description, all materials used are water and sun resistant. Due to its fragility, however, the object should be protected from air movement.

Planned exhibitions 2023


1- Rheinbach, ars et aqua, Glass Museum, 2.9.-8.11.

2- Bonn, “at eye level”, (fate of iranian women) BBK, KÜFO (Künstlerforum) Hochstadenring 22, 52119 Bonn, Oct 8-29

3- Artistspacegallery,  winner for excellent art achievement, digital exhibition August, first GREY online exhibition

4- Rheydt, Geneicken Art Station, Sept 9-11, Rheydt Art Days, “artistic intelligence”

5- Korschenbroich, “hot and cold” Stadtsparkasse, KiK exhibition, October

6- Korea, Seoul, participation in traveling exhibitions: Eugene Gallery, project 1000 crosses. My object: Coffee Capsules – A Cross for Humanity

7- Bioplanete, participation in traveling exhibition, Food changes the World

8- Malaga, October, public presentation of my Rescue Nest and related textile Objects in International Forum Sculpure and envirement

Already realised

1- Mönchengladbach, solo show in Citychurch, July, “Butterflies cannot be Caged” 

2- Korschenbroich, Art House Dreho, May, Liedberg in a Butterfly Frenzy, Noah’s Ark 21st Century Gold Rescue Nest. Participative installation project of 300 persons.  Participation also from Liedberg’s high school, elementary school and kindergarden

3- Bonn, BBK,  July, inauguration of the new artist forum

4- Rheydt, Geneicken Art Station, April, literature art springtime, Theme: Illusio8



Textile- | Tape- | Instalation- Art | Ceramic | Mixed Media |  Characters with Humor  | Installation

Environment | Corona pandemic | Encapsulated World | Time + Space | Man + Woman  | Music + Art

Aluminum coffee capsules | Tape | Textiles + Wool | Acrylic | Plastic | Lacquer | Wood | Wire | Clay | Metals + Acids | Resin


Golden Rescue Nest | Golden Rescue Boat | Tapted World | Encapsulated World | Art during Shutdown | Lost Worlds – Venezuela | Time and Space | Life Threads Installations | PillowArt | Conducting the Senses | Ways of Women


Vita, prices ...

Born 1955 | Studies: German-, Romance- and Geography Studies | Teaching in High School | retired

Part-time art studies: Alanus Academy of Fine Arts

Seit 2012
Foundation and Management of Kunsthaus DREHO,
Korschenbroich – Liedberg

Founding member of various local artist groups

BBK Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (professional association of visual artists), Sculpture Network

Coming and Going, 2023, winner for excellent art achievement

Aluminum Brakes the World, 2023, 1st Sculpture Prize, Landscape Art Exhibition, Artistspacegalleryonline 

The Wolf in Capsulated Shepskin, 2023, Honorable Mention Award, 6. Animal competition, Art Show International Gallery

Distroyed, Dislocated, 2022, Biafarin,  digital exhibition, theme Anti War

Certificate of Artistic Enchievment  2020 +2022, Luxembourg Art Prize

…. and still beautiful …,

  1. 2022 Artavita, Finalist Award, theme: hope
  2. 2021 Biafarin, digital exposition, theme: Women

Capsulated Univers Finalist Prize, Artist of the Year 2021, Artavita

Capsule Cloud, 2021, Finalist Prize, Grey Cube Gallery, 

Beautiful Childhood, 2021, Finalist Certificate, Art Room + Grey Cube Gallery


  1. Artist of the year, World of Arts, 2020
  2. Certificate of Excellence, Art in the time of Coronavirus, Circle Foundation of the Arts, 2020

World in Folds, 2020, 
Third Prize, Gallery Velorose, London, 

Yucatan Greets the World, 2019, Third Prize, Leonardo da Vinci Prize,

Dementia Capselentia, 2019, Best Artist of The Year WOA

Mönchengladbach, Solo Show,  Citychurch, You can´t cage Butterflies, 2023, Video

Solo Show , Carupano, Museo Historico, Lost Worlds 2021, report and film  (Facebook)

University of Huddensfield GB,
“Climate Action and Visual Culture”, with 5 capsule objects, 2021

Queen Mary University of London   
“Aluminium Brakes the World”, 2021

Island2Island, 3. Price, Velorose Gallery

Art Fair 2020

ExpoArtFair 2019

Neuenburg-Zetel, artist in residence,  climate artweek 2021 (capsule art)

Artprice Worpswede 2019

Solo Show, Time and Space” Maschinenhalle Scherlebeck 2016 (Movie)

Solo Exhibition, Light museum, 2015

Abbey Brauweiler, Artdays Rhein-Sieg,  2016

Solo and group exhibitions

Digital contributions:


Artistspacegallery, Winner for exposition in August


Solo exhibition, Carúpano, Museo Historico, Mundos Perdidos, Film Facebook)

University of Huddensfield, GB
“Climate Action and Visual Culture“, with 5 capsule  objects

Queen Mary University of London    
„Aluminium brakes the world“

Grey Cube Gallery
Umwelt, Finalist Certificate

„Woman“ Finalist Certificate

Finalist certificate



Exhibitions worldwide

New York, Artfair, contribution with textile art, 2022


Florenz, Internat. Prize L. Da Vinci, 3 Price 2020
Venedig,The Body Language, Itsliquid 2020


– London, Island2Island, 3. Price, Velorose Gallery, 2020

– London, Colour Boom, Boomer Gallery, 2020

– London, Queen Mary University, Being Human, Covid-19 Apart but Together, digital, 2020

– Huddensfield, University Huddensfield, digital, Climate Action and Visual Culture, 2021

– Tynemouth „The life of Plastic“, Dez. 2021

Korea, Seoul, Eugene Gallery travelling exhibition, 1000 Crosses Project, 2022-23


– Eindhoven, Art Fair 2020

– Amsterdam, ExpoArtFair 2019

– Roermond, Galerie Honest-Art 2018

– Leeuwaden, Colourfields, Art-Performance 2018

– Sittard, Art Fair KunZfetti 2017


Hadersleven u.a., PilgerBilder 2005

Annaberg,  Artists’ symposium + final exhibition 2018

Zürich, Artbox.Project 2021

Barcelona, Artbox.Project 2021


Karlsdorf-Neuthard 2019, „Life is beautiful“

Ulm, Gasthof Temmenhausen 2010, Solo Show


Glinde, Form- A(R)T 2019


– Neuenburg-Zetel, Climate Week 2021, Artist in Residence, (Capsule Art)
– Hannover, Art Prize Worpswede 2019

Frankenthal, Perron Prize 2019

Rheinland Pfalz
– Remagen, Künstlerforum 2018
– Unkel, Unkeler Höfe 2016

Dresden „Food changes the world“, Bioplanete 2021


Bad Godesberg
Katharinenhof 2018


Art Gallery of BBK, 2023

Abbey Brauweiler, Rhein-Sieg – Art Days 2016

– Foyer Concert Hall, Solo Show,  2012

– Art Room 2020, 2011


– Museum Villa Erkens, Visual Axes, 2022

– House Hartmann, Solo Show, 2016

Solo Exhibition Time and Space“, Maschinenhalle Scherlebeck 2016

– Arthall Lindenthal 2019

– Arthouse Rhenania 2018

– Music shop Tongern, Solo Show, 2012

– Castle Paffendorf, Solo Show, 2010



– Savings Bank, biennial

– KiK-Gallery, Solo Show, 2017

– Cultural Station, biennial

– Workplace art, biennial

Sinneswald 2016

Art Star, 2015, 2016


– City Church, Solo Show, Butterflies cannot be Caged, 2023
– Solo Show, DIMA 2019
– Old Town Hall 2010
– Foyer Lower Rhine Theatre 2011
– Rheydter Artdays, annual since 2010
– Marien Church 2019, 2016, 2011
– Library 2018
– Culture Night, biennial

Werner-Jäger-Halle 2015

– RomaNEum 2018
– Kreishaus 2018
– Art Church Christ König 2013
– Zeughaus 2008, 2009


– Ars et Aqua, Glasmuseum, 2023

– Kunsthalle 2012 Pumpwerk 2019 

– BBK „Change“, 2022

Solo Exhibition, Light Museum, Museumscafé 2015

City Artcads, 2016



Films for exhibitions

You can´t cage Butterflies, Mönchengladbach, City Church 2023 (Movie)

Liedberg in a Butterfly- and Art Frenzy, 2023 (Movie)

Capsule Art,  Kunsthaus Dreho, Korschenbroich-Liedberg, 2022 (Movie)

Art created during the shutdown 2020 (Movie)

Exhibition TT-Fäden 2017, Kunsthaus Dreho, Korschenbroich/Liedberg (Movie)

Time and Space 2016, Maschinenhalle Scherlebeck (Movie)

Time and Space 2015 im Kunsthaus Dreho (Movie), Producer Christoph Mödersheim

Dirigat of Senses, City Vision 2012, Portrait

Solo Exhibition

Capsolated Objects 2021  |  Art during the Shutdown 2020  |  Coffee-Capsules- Objects 2019+2021  |  Textile wall objects 2015-2019  Time and Space 2015+2016  Sewing needles 2013  Dirigat of Senses 2012  |  Paseo del Arte 2011  Art Games 1995-2005

Group Exhibitions

European Cultural Centre, 2022   Change, BBK Bonn, 2022  |  Neuenburg Zetel, Climate Art Week, 2021  Island2Island, Velorose Gallery, London,  2020 Art Eindhoven, „Catalogus  2020“   „Leonardo Da Vinci 3“ Florence, International Price 2020 |  „EuropArtFair Amsterdam“ 2019  „Zeitstrahl“, Savings Banc Korschenbroich, KiK Anniversary Exhibition  2019  Rheydt, Marien Church, Blaue Rheydter, 1- „Heilung-Heilen-Heilig“, Anniversary Exhibition 2019  |  2-„Death and Life“ 2016  |  3- „Breakup“ 2010 Kunsthaus Dreho, TAK 2019  Annaberg Gora, german-polish art exhibition BBK Bonn Rhein-Sieg 2018  „Artdays Rhein-Sieg“ Abbey Brauweiler 2016  CityArtKaden Wuppertal 2016  „Ortswechsel“ KiK, Nettetal  Korschenbroich 2015  „Hoch auf dem Sandstein“ KiK, Liedberg 2013  Siegburg, graduation exhibition art studies Alanus 201S

Internat Artfair Eindhoven Sept. 2020

Kunsthaus Dreho – Inside and outside

The Kunsthaus Dreho in Korschenbroich-Liedberg sees itself as a venue for fine art.

The house and its picturesque garden including a view of Liedberg Castle are a cultural highlight with regular exhibitions featuring german and international artists. Concerts and readings are also part of the permanent repertoire.

Art exhibitions: Exhibitions 1-2 x p.a.
Concerts:  2020 | 2018 | 2016  | 2014  |  2012  „Avant Garten“  |   
2015  Ch. Mödersheim „Zeit und Raum“
Readings: 2017 M. Gerhards  | 2014, 2015, 2016  Korschenbroich reads, R. Mielke  |   2014  A.Tillmanns  |   2013 A. Pasch

Liedberg in a Butterfly- and Art Frenzy, Golden Rescue Nest of Noah´s Arc of the 21st Century, 2000 of 72 persons participatory crocheted  butterflies, Pupils of Liedberg´s primary school and Kindergarden elaborated a children-shoe-parcour

International Exhibition of 14 Artists

Mayor Mr. Venten made the opening


Anniversary exhibition – 10 years Art house Dreho

Encuentros – Encounters

6 South American + 6 German artists, 20-22 May.

Mayor Mr. Venten has agreed to come.

Despite Corona…

City, mountain, river – workplace art
Blauer Rheydter: W.Hamacher, W.Knoops, R.Tigges, G.Wosik, D.Michels, G.Drees-Holz (Movie)

Textile, tape, capsule art 
G. Drees-Holz, public fotosession for the book “Art Gardens Grevenbroich”

Despite Corona…

Art during the shutdown
textile-, ceramic- and object works, G. Drees-Holz

Two international group exhibitions:

“Lost Worlds” Venezuela: Lorena Fernandez, Marisela Kurth, Roberto Lampo, Ingo Prall  |  Essen: Dietmar Jäkel, Erkelenz: Beate Bündgen, Köln: Michael Gatzke, Korschenbroich: Gabriela Drees-Holz, Nadine Kugler, Armin Küpper, Gisela Schmachtenberg-Scherlitzki 

“TAK” Exhibition of works from the Artists’ Symposium 2018, Annaberg, Polen  |  Prof. Dr. Damian Pietrek |  Prof. Dr. Zbigniew Furgalinski  |  Dr. Wit Pichurski  |  Iwona Medrala  |  Deutsche: Fero Freymark  |  Ira Grau | Monika Kraft |  Hanna Trampert | Barbara Verhoeven |  Gabriela Drees-Holz

Sonja Kreutzer (Holz)  |  Hilla Baecker (foto)  |  Erika Waldtraud (painting)

Nadine Kugler (Nespresso coffee capsules)  Gary Wieland (painting) G. Drees-Holz (rust objects)

Marianne Bongers-Roes (painting)  Johannes Küßner (wood) 

KiK-artists, 1. advent

Horst Jungbluth (drawings) | Pasquale lo Tufo (wood) 

Dörte Springorum (ceramics) | Gabriela Drees-Holz (textile art) 

Marina Lörwald  (painting) | Rolf Kretschmar (bronze, wood, stone) | Loek Hambeukers (bronze)

Dr. Rainer Lange(foto)  | W. Timmermann (stone) |  Heidrun Mottyll (ceramics)

Christiana Schwarz (painting) | M. Mangold (stone)   

Anette + Lukas Lenzing (sculpture)

Textile Worlds, G. Drees-Holz

Time and space, G. Drees-Holz

Pillow Art, G. Drees-Holz

Opening Exhibition 
Conducting the Senses, G. Drees-Holz 

View of Liedberg Castle from the garden of the Dreho Art House | Below: Impressions from the garden

During the exhibition-free time the Kunsthaus can be rented for overnight stays (2 persons). See Airbnb or direct request by mail (

Availability and more pictures directly at Airbnb.

Approx 40 sqm apartment in the listed Kunsthaus Dreho. Contemporary art on the walls. No neighbor. Own entrance. Free parking space. Garden sharing, gazebo, forest terrace.